Experience a long land

Spice up the holiday with trips in the area to the many attractions. From Lohals in the north to Bagenkop in the south – on our long island experiences will never fail. Get more inspiration here.

1. Tranekær castle

Get a unique experience and visit the castle in Tranekær. Get a glimpse into history and see some beautiful nature.

2. Tranekær castle mill

Visit the old Dutch mill in Tranekær. It is built in 1846 and still stands with the original fixtures.

3. Segway Langeland

Rent a Segway and experience Langeland in a fun and different way. With full speed ahead, there is guarantee for a challenging day for the whole family.

4. Horseback riding Langeland

Enjoy the beautiful nature of Langeland from a horse. Experience the woods, the beach and the hilly terrain from the back of an Icelandic horse.

5. Rudkøbing town

Experience old houses and cosy streets in the centre of Rudkøbing. Here you find everything you could possibly need, and there is guarantee for a nice day.

6. Skovsgaard mansion

On Skovsgaard mansion farming and nature go hand in hand. The mansion is a large ecological visit farm with several museums and exhibitions.

7. The wild horses

Get a special experience by visiting the wild horses. Experience up to 80 mares and stallions running free on the large green area

8. Langeland fort

Visit the Langeland fort and get close to the cold war. Experience bunkers, canons. Get on board a submarine and learn a lot by listening to stories.


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