Cycling – let the pedals take you on adventure

When you are on camping holiday, it gives extra freedom to know, that you do not have to start the car every time you want to experience the nature and surroundings of the area.

On Langeland there is incredible possibilities to see the nature from a bike, whatever it is on one of the island´s many biking paths or on MTB in the hilly terrain.

Fasten the helmet and let the pedals take you on adventure in the wonderful surroundings of Langeland.

  • We have bikes in all sizes
  • Rent them in the reception
  • Or bring your own bike

Get some inspiration for your bike ride with a detailed map that can be bought in the reception – experience the “15 windmills, the 15 bøller and the 15 parishs”

Enjoy Langeland on two wheels


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